VW Super Beetle Duo at Bukit Citamiang Camping Ground

This is a late post, but late is better than never; the wise man said. It was in September 2020 and after several months of “staying at home” due to the pandemic, we decided to go out for a quick camping for refreshing. The family did not join purposely, only two of us, accompanied by a German Shepherd.

The camping ground is so called Bukit Citamiang (i.e. Citamiang Hill), only around 60km away from South of Jakarta, towards Puncak. It is written as Citamiang Camping Ground in Google Map. Take the main road to Puncak and take a left turn in the Mega Mendung junction. It is only 6km away from the junction through a small road which it will be more winding and ascending as it goes deeper and higher. If it is your first time, then please follow the Google map direction closely. The tricky one is the last junction and followed by steep uphill road before entering the camping ground area. Generally the road is good for 2wd regular cars. Special precautions should be taken when you drive relatively a wide and large vehicle due to some sharp corners and narrow road.

The two VW Super Beetles have just arrived on site after 1.5hrs driving from Jakarta.
Setting up a roof tent is quick and easy, relatively is faster than the conventional dome tent.
One of the best things about Bukit Citamiang is the spectacular view at night.
Setting a bonfire after dark is a must on site. The wood is provided locally with reasonable price.
When you like photography, you can do many things after dark or during the twilight hour. Just don’t forget to bring your tripod and flash light along with the camera.
Here is another sample a night photograph using long exposure setting. BTW, 19 centigrade is nice; wearing short is still convenient and not too cold…
They said that Bukit Citamiang is one of a very few places where you can view all three mountains in one spot. Here you can see Mount Pangrango (3,019m ASL) and Volcano Gede (2,958m ASL) right next to it to the left (in this picture, it is covered by some clouds). BTW, the elevation of Bukit Citamiang is around 1000m Above Sea Level.
Here is the view of Mount Salak (2,211m ASL). In the morning you have to be quick to shoot them using your camera, otherwise you will miss them as they will be covered by stubborn clouds already.
This is Nelsie, a 9 year old female all-black German Shepherd. You know her already as we have taken her along to camping several times already.

That is a photography-story about Bukit Citamiang camping ground. It is unfortunately to hear that this camping ground is now temporarily closed. The good news is there is another camping ground just next to it, called Bukit Brader camping ground. The PIC is the same; Kang Dillah, WA +62 878 9570 0127. Please make sure you call him first before visiting the place.

This is 1974 VW 1303 Super Beetle, equipped with a custom made roof rack to accommodate the heavy roof tent.

If you are interested to rent this classic Volkswagen Beetle for any events, please call us at +62 813 1031 4210.


Duo Kombi Camping at Gunung Pancar

I can’t remember exactly how many times I have done camping at Gunung Pancar. A friend of mine just bought a standard 1977 VW Kombi & wanted me to accompany him camping with his children (& his dog). So here we are, in June 2019, did another camping there.

Gn Pancar 23

Left – right: Lala, Calvin, Nelsie (8yo female all-black German Shepherd), Patar, myself & the two male Beagles (Mero & Matano)…

Gn Pancar 5

Campervan camping at Gunung Pancar…

Gn Pancar 2

This camping spot, ‘Lembah Pakis’ is the one that we like the most at Gunung Pancar camping ground. The field is flat, not too big. The toilet & musholla is very near by.

Gn Pancar 18

In the clear evening, we walked out the dogs & the children…

Gn Pancar 9

The cooking & dining gears…

Gn Pancar 20

The two VW Kombi: 1977 & 1979…

Gn Pancar 15

The photo was shot from the top of the other Kombi & showing the roof tent more clearly…

Gn Pancar 13

Deep Purple campervan

Gunung Pancar is the closest camping ground from Jakarta, about 1-1.5hrs driving, at Sentul area, Bogor. They open 7 days a week. Please visit the website to get more information.


Camping at Tahura Bandung

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda (lt. Grand Forest Park of (engineer) H. Juanda) is a conservation area and botanical garden in Bandung, Indonesia. It covers 590 hectares, stretching from Dago Pakar to Maribaya.

Its altitude ranges between 770 and 1330 meters above sea level. Its fertile soil sustains about 2500 types of plants, consisting of 40 familia and 112 species.

The park was built by the Dutch colonial estimated in 1906, when they began digging a water tunnel for a hydro dam. The water plan was cancelled later, the tunnel was enlarged adding more rooms & became a military facility. Today the tunnel is so called Goa Belanda (Dutch Cave) & is one of the main attractions at Tahura park. The original tunnel is 144m long, 3.2m high & less than 2m wide in both entrances. However the total length now is about 550m including all alleys inside.

On July 2019, for the very first time, the park authority issued a permission to our group to camp just in front of the tunnel. It was possible because we also conducted the Jungle Night Trekking for the first time, as well. It was a quiet experience walking for about 3km inside the dark park, including exploring the Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave) at night time.

A good condition 800m long black top road is available from the entrance to the Goa Belanda. We drove in our campervan to access the camping ground.

Here are some photos:

Tahura 13

The direction sign near the main entrance…

Tahura 10

The Campervan & camping ground is located right next to the Goa Belanda…

Tahura 3

The tiled camping ground…

Tahura 6

Since it is located inside a protected forest, bonfire is prohibited. However toilets & musholla are available, including food stalls…

Tahura 2

The view from the roof tent facing the forest of Cikapundung river valley…

Tahura 8

The Tahura was quiet by Sunday morning…

Tahura 9

The campervan can accommodate up to four adults: two inside the car & two in the roof tent…

Tahura 14

Jungle Night Trekking: inside the Goa Jepang…

To camp just next to Goa Belanda using the Campervan & the Jungle Night Trekking are very interesting experiences. Please contact the Tahura Juanda management if you are interested to do the same.


Jakarta VW Campervan in Auto Bild Magazine

Auto Bild is a leading German automobile magazine based in Hamburg, Germany. Auto Bild was first published in the last week of February 1986. Auto Bild with its worldwide licensed editions, of which more than 7 million copies are sold every month, is published in 36 countries, including Indonesia.

In June 2016, Auto Bild Indonesia published a special holiday edition (in Indonesian language: Edisi Spesial Liburan) with Jakarta VW Campervan  as one of the main features. The VW Campervans picture is on the cover page.


The Cover Page of Auto Bild magazine Indonesia, 344th edition, June 2016


The centerfold of the magazine. The title says: “Traveling in Hippies Style”. You know what it means, don’t you?


Page 4.jpg


Nice weather & blue sky during the interview


The Auto Bild magazine crew


The interview & photo session were taken at a park in our complex, South Jakarta. Now, the park is gone & mall-office-apartment-hotel facility is being constructed there.

Please call us at +62 813 1031 4210 for more information.

Pink Floyd Concert in Gunung Pancar

The Mountains are my Bones,
the Rivers my Veins.
The Forests are my Thoughts,
and the Stars are my Dreams.
The Ocean is my Heart,
its pounding is my Pulse.
The Songs of the Earth
write the Music of my Soul.

Just a few days before the Eid festival last week in early July 2016, we brought Pink Floyd campervan to Gunung Pancar for family camping. Here are the photo essay:

Pancar Eid 2

We wish you & your loved ones a blessed Eid…

Vania 1

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt… (John Muir)

Pancar 16 3

The earth has music for those who listen…

Pancar 16 17

Alone with myself the trees bend to caress me. The shades hug my heart… (Candy Polgar)

Pancar 16 4

Nature never goes out of style…

Pancar 16 5

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…

Pancar 16 7

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home… (Gary Snyder)

Pancar 16 8

Home is where you park it…

Pancar 16 10

You will find something more in the woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters… (St. Bernard)

Pancar 16 12

Nature is pleased with simplicity and nature is no dummy… (Isaac Newton)

Pancar 16 15

These are the ingredients for Chili Con Carne; one of the best dish at the camping ground…

Pancar 16 14

A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature… (Seneca)

If you are interested to rent this Samba style Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.
Jika Anda berminat menyewa VW Campervan Samba ini, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210.

Pancar 16 11

To me, a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug… (Helen Keller)

Jakarta VW Campervan in Media

Here are some Jakarta VW Campervan video clips which had been aired in national TV channels & internet media. These videos will give you more & better idea about Campervan.  Please enjoy…
Jakarta VW Campervan telah diliput oleh beberapa saluran TV nasional maupun media di internet. Berikut video klipnya yang dapat membuat kita semakin mengenal Campervan. Selamat menikmati…

BlackXperience.com, April 2016

MNC TV, Autoride, April 2016

TV One, Rupa Indonesia, 13 Jan 2016

Rajamobil.com, June 2015

If you are interested to rent these vintage VW Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry – Jika Anda berminat menyewa VW Campervan yang klasik ini, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210.





Yearbook Photo with a VW classic van

Early on March a few weeks ago, we took Pink Floyd campervan to our children’s school in South Jakarta for taking a yearbook photographs.

Here are the results with some remarkable quotes about friendship as the captions.


“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”


“You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang.”



“Boyhood is the longest time in life for a boy. The last term of the school-year is made of decades, not of weeks, and living through them is like waiting on the millennium.”


“I am not a word, I am not a line.
I am not a girl that can ever be defined.
I am not fly, I am levitation.
I represent an entire generation.”


“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


“There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better.”


“A good friend knows all your best stories. A best friend has lived them with you. See the difference?”


“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.”

If you are interested to rent this vintage VW Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry – Jika Anda berminat menyewa VW Campervan yang klasik & cantik ini, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210.


Classic VW Campervan for branding & marketing

The current technology enable us to change the colour of our cars for temporary, not permanent, without having to costly & time consuming repainting. Thanks to the cutting stickers & large size computer printing technology. It’s available in many places in Indonesian major cities & the price is relatively affordable. If you have complex graphic design, then you would need the computer printing. If the design is simple, then the cutting sticker  will do just fine.
Teknologi masa kini memungkinkan kita mengubah warna mobil sesuai keinginan kita untuk sementara waktu, tak permanen, tanpa harus melakukan proses pencatan yang mahal & lama. Ini berkat teknologi cutting sticker & cetak komputer berukuran besar. Teknologi ini tersedia di kota-kota besar di Indonesia & harganya relatif terjangkau. Jika desainnya rumit, gunakanlah cetak komputer. Tetapi jika desainnya sederhana, maka cutting sticker akan cukup.

Here are a gallery of Jakarta VW Campervan photographs with stickers, due to Customers’ demand.
Inilah galeri foto-foto mobil dari Jakarta VW Campervan yang pernah di-branding menggunakan sticker sesuai keinginan Penyewa.

Tamara Cream 12

This is actually the Red Hot Chili Peppers campervan; red & white colour…

Tamara Cream 4

The campervan was used as a wedding car. No wonder it’s full of floral decorations…

Tamara Cream 14

The bride & the groom had a wedding theme which required an ivory color…

Tamara Cream 13

Take a closer look; it still maintained two-tone colors; darker below & lighter upper…

Tamara Cream 1

The darker color on the lower half came from cutting stickers. The top one was the original paint…

Pink Floyd selling ice cream sandwich at the recent Brightspot Fair in Senayan City, Jakarta. Photo from instagram/ingridarv

Pink Floyd selling ice cream sandwich at the recent Brightspot Fair in Senayan City, Jakarta. Photo from instagram/ingridarv

Sukamantri Boris 77

This is a promoting sticker from a cafe selling its famous ice cream sandwich in Jakarta.

Sukamantri Boris 64

A smaller sticker at the front of the left side due to the rear side entrance door…

Sukamantri Boris 65

The branding used cutting stickers. It sticks strongly to the body of the car but easy to peel off without damaging the paint…

Nivea 19

This is Pink Floyd under branding of a popular skin lotion brand. The original color is pink & white…

Nivea 13

The branding used cutting stickers, including the product logo & the event logo, no computer printing…

Nivea 8

As required by the Client, all pink color was covered by blue color, including the roof which is white originally…

At University Esa Unggul, Jakarta - Di kampus Universitas Esa Unggul, Jakarta...

I took three days for stickering this much & another two days to peeled them off…

Kelapa Gading 1

This is Deep Purple campervan. The original color is two tone light purple & white…

Kelapa Gading 2

To follow the Client’s corporate / product / brand color, the purple paint was covered with light-blue color stickers, meanwhile the upper white paint was untouched…

Kelapa Gading 3

To accommodate the logo design, computer printing sticker was chosen by the Customer…


Even the front-mounted spare-wheel cover was also covered with sticker displaying the product logo…


The stickering works took two days to complete…


The product marketing booth looks matching with the light blue Campervan…

RHCP Telkomsel 4

Telkomsel’s campaign #Hypbareng in April 2017, in three cities: Jakarta, Serang & Cirebon.

RHCP Telkomsel 1

The bottom half red color is cutting sticker.

RHCP Telkomsel 2

The top-half is the original car color.

Google RHCP 6

This is Google’s campaign: Google Teman Ramadan, May 2017 in Jakarta

Google RHCP 7

The green color is printing sticker.

Google RHCP 8

The top half is the car original color.


This is a company campaign in April 2016.


The lower half is printing sticker. The top one is original color.

Spotify 4

This is Spotify campaign in May 2017 in Jakarta.

Spotify 2

It is printing sticker for the lower half & leave the top half blank.

Oceana 8

Nu Oceana campaign in March 2017 visiting many different places in Jabodetabek.

Oceana 6

Printing sticker.


This is Pink Floyd in red color cutting sticker.

TMR 17

This red-white two tone colors providing classic Samba look.

TMR 23

This was a brand launching in December 2016.

Zilingo 1Zilingo 3Zilingo 4

Zilingo 2

Zilingo.com, branding campaign in the month of Ramadhan, May-June 2018.


Tamara Cream 9If you are interested to rent these classic VW Campervan for the product branding, marketing or other commercial events, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.
Jika Anda berminat menyewa VW Campervan klasik ini untuk pemasaran produk, penjualan atau acara komersial lainnya, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210.

Camping to Wisata Capolaga, Subang

Cardamom (/ˈkɑrdəməm/), sometimes called cardamon, is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria & Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae.
Kapulaga / Capolaga adalah nama Indonesia untuk Cardamom, yaitu sejenis rempah-rempah yang dihasilkan dari biji beberapa tanaman dari genera Elettaria dan Amomum dalam keluarga Zingiberaceae (keluarga jahe-jahean).

Capolaga 5

The participants of Capolaga Camping event conducted by Alumni of ITB – Para peserta acara Camping di Capolaga dari Alumni ITB. Camping bersama ini merupakan acara rutin.

It was in June 2015, a dry season month, on the last weekend before the fasting month of Ramadhan began, we took the two Campervans (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Deep Purple) for camping. There were 36 people in the group consisted of our whole family, with some closed friends of our daughter & friends of ITB alumni with their families.
Pada awal bulan Juni setelah memasuki musim kering, pada akhir pekan terakhir sebelum bulan puasa, kami membawa dua Campervan (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Deep Purple) pergi camping. Rombongan terdiri dari 36 orang yaitu kami sekeluarga beserta beberapa teman dekat anak kami & beberapa alumni ITB bersama keluarga & sanak saudaranya.

Capolaga 11

The Block F camping ground occupied by tents & Campervans – Area camping Blok F diisi oleh tenda-tenda & Campervan.

We chose a new outdoor place called Wisata Capolaga, located about 3km away from the popular hot spring Ciater (north of Bandung), Subang, West Java. The main attractions of the area are the three natural water falls, which all of them are friendly enough for us to take shower below them, & also several camping grounds.
Kami memilih sebuah tempat wisata outdoor yang relatif baru bernama Wisata Capolaga. Lokasinya sekitar 3km dari perempatan Ciater (sebelah utara Bandung), kabupaten Subang. Atraksi utama tempat ini adalah tiga buah air terjun (disebutnya Curug dalam Bahasa Sunda) yang semuanya dapat dijadikan tempat bermandi, selain beberapa area camping.

Capolaga 6

Recharging the batteries using solar cells – Mengising ulang batere dengan memanfaatkan sinar surya.

To get there is not difficult. From Pasar Minggu, South of Jakarta, it is about 135km away via Purwakarta-Wanayasa, or 145km via the new Cipali toll way & Subang, or 194km via Bandung-Lembang. At that time, the new Cipali toll way was not opened yet, so from Jakarta we took the Cikampek toll way, exited in Jatiluhur, went through city of Purwakarta to Wanayasa town, got in to the popular Jalan Cagak junction, turned right about 9km uphill until we reached the intersection of Ciater. Take the right turn & the location is 3km away from there. Please drive cautiously since there is a narrow & continuously straight downhill road more than 500m long through a village before reaching the location.
Menuju lokasi tidaklah susah. Dari Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, jaraknya sekitar 135km jika melalui Purwakarta-Wanayasa, atau 145km lewat jalan toll baru Cipali & kota Subang, atau 194km via kota Bandung & Lembang. Pada waktu kami ke sana awal bulan Juni, toll Cipali belum dibuka, sehingga kami mengambil jalur Purwakarta-Wanayasa; dari toll Purbaleunyi exit di pintu toll Jatiluhur, masuk ke kota Purwakarta, ke arah kota kecamatan Wanayasa, sampai muncul di pertigaan Jalan Cagak. Belok kanan menanjak sekitar 9km sampai ke perempatan Ciater. Masuk ke kanan & lokasinya berjarak sekitar 3km. Mohon mengemudikan kendaraan dengan berhati-hati waktu melewati jalan sempit pedesaan yang menurun panjang & lurus sejauh lebih dari 500m sebelum sampai ke lokasi.

Capolaga 8

Red Hot Chilli Peppers campervan at the Cikampek toll road – Campervan Red Hot Chilli Peppers di jalan toll Cikampek.

We stayed at the Block F camping ground, nearby Gate 2; the only camping ground where we can park our cars in. Getting near to our cars means we can bring additional extra equipment & more food & water for more convenience.  The maximum capacity of the Block F is 50 people, without the cars. If you park the cars inside, then the capacity is reduced. However, there is a parking lot just next to it. The elevation is about 810m asl. The temperature range is 20-31 Centigrade.
Kami bercamping di Blok F, dekat Gerbang 2; satu-satunya area camping dimana kita dapat membawa mobil masuk. Berada dekat dengan mobil berarti lebih banyak peralatan camping, makanan & minuman yang dapat dibawa untuk kenyamanan kita. Maksimum kapasitas area camping Blok F adalah 50 orang, tanpa mobil. Jika mobil diparkir di dalam, maka kapasitas orangnya akan berkurang. Untuk itu ada tempat parkir kendaraan tepat di sebelahnya. Elevasinya adalah 810m di atas permukaan laut. Temperatur berkisar dari 20-31 derajat Celcius.

Capolaga 8

From this angle, we can see the Block F camping ground clearer – Dari sudut kamera ini, area camping Blok F terlihat lebih jelas.

Block F is located nearby a public toilet (MCK), less than 100m away. There are five bathrooms with squatting type toilet & one bathroom with sitting type toilet. Most of the rooms have light & all have running fresh natural water. Next to the MCK is a musholla.
Blok F tempatnya berdekatan dengan MCK umum, kurang dari 100m saja jaraknya. Terdapat lima buah kamar mandi dengan toilet jongkok & satu buah kamar mandi dengan toilet duduk. Semuanya tersedia dengan air segar pegunungan yang terus-terusan mengalir & juga dilengkapi dengan lampu. Tepat di sebelah MCK terdapat sebuah musholla.

The security gate & office are also located not too far from the Block F, together with the main parking lots & food & souvenirs shops. During weekend, please be prepared that the area will be crowded of visitors & many cars will get in & out back & forth. However, Block F is little separated away & we still keep the privacy.
Gerbang sekuriti & kantor staf juga letaknya berdekatan dengan Blok F, tak jauh dari tempat parkir utama kendaraan & warung-warung suvenir & makanan. Walaupun begitu, Blok F letaknya terpisah sehingga privasinya cukup terjaga.

Capolaga 1

Goa Badak waterfall – Curug Goa Badak

From there, walking down the hill about 5-10mins, we will get to the 3rd water fall. It’s called Curug Goa Badak (Curug = waterfall, Goa = cave, Badak = rhino, so please interpret yourself). This is the most downstream waterfall out of three; the biggest one, less than 10m tall & the only one with a shallow pool beneath it for us to swim, to play water or to bath. Since it is the closest one to the  parking lot, the waterfall is the most crowded one with visitors.
Dari area tersebut, jalanan menurun sekitar 5-10menit, kita akan sampai ke curug (yang artinya air terjun) no 3. Namanya Curug Goa Badak. Dari tiga buah curug, yang ini letaknya paling di hilir, paling besar, tingginya kurang dari 10m & satu-satunya yang ada kolamnya yang tidak dalam untuk bermain air, berenang & mandi. Karena letaknya paling dekat ke tempat parkir umum, curug ini pun menjadi yang paling ramai dikunjungi orang.

Capolaga 4

Sawer waterfall – Curug Sawer.

From there, walking uphill about 400m to reach the 2nd waterfall; the smallest but the tallest (about 30-40m), called Curug Sawer. During the dry season where the water flow is small, it’s convenient to take a shower beneath it. There are several locations for camping nearby this waterfall. It’s on a valley & the ground is flat. In my opinion, this is the best location for camping, as long as you have no problem carrying all your camping gears, food & water  400-500m away from your car.
Dari situ, jalan ke atas sekitar 400m, kita akan sampai ke curug kedua; curug yang paling kecil tetapi paling tinggi (sekitar30-40m) yang dinamakan Curug Sawer. Pada waktu musim kering, debit air kecil sehingga kita dapat bermain pancuran di bawahnya dengan nyaman. Di sekitarnya ada beberapa lokasi camping di dasar sebuah lembah yang relatif rata. Menurut opini penulis, area di sini adalah lokasi terbaik untuk camping, sepanjang kita tak masalah membawa peralatan camping, makanan & air sejauh 400-500m dari tempat parkir kendaraan.

Capolaga 9

The riverside camping ground near by Curug Sawer – Area camping pinggir sungai di dekat Curug Sawer.

Capolaga 2

Karembong waterfall top – Curug Karembong atas.

Walk further uphill about 300m to reach the most upstream waterfalls; the most spectacular ones, the 1st waterfall. Yes, actually there are two water falls in one location & to distinguish them, let me call it Curug Karembong top & Curug Karembong bottom (Karembong = scarf). I call it the most spectacular one due to the contour of the rock walls shaped from different layers of volcanic rocks. If you are brave enough, you can try to climb up the walls. If you are strong enough, you can take a shower beneath the top waterfall one, at least 30m tall, letting your body & head get stomped by the falling water. The water is cold & the wind draft will make it even colder.
Kalau kita jalan lagi ke arah hulu, maka setelah 300m kita akan sampai ke curug no 1 yang paling tinggi elevasinya & yang paling spektakuler. Sebetulnya curug ini terdiri dari dua buah curug yang terpisah atas-bawah sehingga penulis sebut saja namanya Curug Karembong atas & Curug Karembong bawah. Karembong adalah Bahasa Sunda yang artinya selendang. Disebut paling spektakuler karena kontur dinding batu vulkaniknya yang terbentuk secara berlapis-lapis & bergerigi. Jika cukup berani, maka Anda dapat mencoba memanjat dinding batu ini. Jika Anda cukup kuat, maka cobalah mandi di bawah kucuran air di curug yang atas, tingginya sekitar 30m. Airnya dingin & hempasan angin akan membuat tubuh Anda makin kedinginan.

Capolaga 3

Karembong waterfall bottom – Curug Karembong bawah.

For going back, you can choose to walk through tea plantation, mostly down hill trekking.
Untuk kembali, cobalah jalan balik melewati kebun teh yang treknya relatif menurun.

Capolaga 10

A bamboo bridge connecting the camping grounds & waterfalls – Sebuah jembatan bambu menghubungkan area camping & curug.

The price:

  1. Block F rental (50pax): Rp500,000.00/night.
  2. Entrance ticket: Rp9,000.00/person (weekends & public holidays) or Rp7,000.00/person (weekdays).
  3. Car parking: Rp5,000.00/night.
  4. Electricity (optional): Rp125,000.00/night, including several lights & a few 220V power outlets.
  5. Tents (optional); dome tent (5pax): Rp150,000.00/night, kelabang tent (10pax): Rp200,000.00/night, rofi tent (12pax): Rp250,000.00/night, peleton tent (45pax): Rp1,500,000.00/night. The tents will be rigged up on site.
  6. Individual entrance (less than 20pax): Rp25,000.00/pax/night.

Capolaga 13

The Campervans at the Block F camping ground – Campervan di area camping Blok F.


  1. Sewa Blok F (50 orang): Rp500,000.00/malam.
  2. Tiket masuk perorangan: Rp9,000.00 (akhir pekan & hari libur) atau Rp7,000.00 (hari kerja).
  3. Parkir kendaraan: Rp5,000.00/malam.
  4. Listrik & penerangan (pilihan): Rp125,000.00/malam, termasuk beberapa buah lampu & colokan listrik 220V.
  5. Sewa tenda (pilihan); tenda dome (kapasitas 5orang): Rp150,000.00/malam, tenda kelabang (10orang): Rp200,000.00/malam, tenda rofi (12orang): Rp250,000.00/malam, tenda peleton tentara (45orang): Rp1,500,000.00/malam.
  6. Tiket perorangan (kurang dari 20orang): Rp25,000.00/orang/malam.

Capolaga 14

Deep Purple campervan is overcoming the uphill exit way of the Block F camping ground – Campervan Deep Purple sedang menanjak di jalan keluar area camping Blok F.

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.wisatacapolaga.com.
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, mohon kunjungi situsnya: http://www.capolaga.com.

Capolaga 15

Red Hot Chilli Peppers campervan’s turn going uphill to exit the Block F camping ground – Campervan Red Hot Chilli Peppers sedang menanjak keluar area camping Blok F.

Please call +62 813 1031 4210 for booking the Campervan.
Mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210 untuk pemesanan Campervan.