Deep Purple: the 2nd Campervan fleet member

Deep Purple is the nickname of a 1979 Volkswagen Type 2 T2 which the has two colours; purple (light) & white. Renovated & painted in new colours recently, he is now look fresher, more comfortable, reliable & safer. He has also new camper interior, similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Deep Purple adalah nama panggilan untuk sebuah Volkswagen Kombi tahun 1979 buatan Jerman. Dipanggil demikian karena warnanya; ungu (muda) & putih. Setelah direnovasi & dicat baru bulan lalu, sekarang campervan ini kelihatan lebih segar, lebih nyaman, handal & aman. Sama seperti abangnya; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kombi ini punya interior camper yang baru.

Autobild 2

This is the last VW Type 2 made in German, which was in 1979. Later, the production continued in Mexico until 1994 & in Brazil until December 2013 (I’m sad…).
Kombi model ini adalah Kombi terakhir buatan Jerman di tahun 1979. Lalu produksi dilanjutkan di Mexico sampai tahun 1994 & di Brazil sampai bulan Desember 2013 (kami sangat sedih mendengarnya).

Bunder 14

Location: Gunung Bunder camping ground, Bogor, 2-3hrs from Jakarta. Elevation: 800m.

Pancar 11

Location: Gunung Pancar camping ground, Sentul, Bogor, about 1hr from Jakarta. Elevation: 400m. Do you see the campervan here?

Interior DP 2

The wide interior – two buddy seats are available to accommodate more passengers although have no seat belts. These buddy seats are portable & also functioning as storage boxes.

Interior DP 3

The rear seats with seat belts are actually the so called: “rock-n-roll” bed; you pull it down & it turns into a flat bed, good for two adults or three young kids. Underneath it is an additional storage.

Deep Purple 1S

The spare tire is placed outside in front; providing more space inside & more front protection.

Deep Purple 2S

This campervan is equipped with louver windows including anti-insects net on both sides, providing better ventilation & fresh air.

Deep Purple 3S

A detachable classic design rear rack can accommodate up to two bicycles.

Ranca Upas 12

Location: Ranca Upas camping ground.

Ranca Upas 13S

Location: Ranca Upas camping ground.

Ranca Upas 11S

Location: Ranca Upas camping ground, Ciwidey, south of Bandung. Elevation: 1200m. The background: mount Patuha.

Bunder 12 textS

Location: camping ground, Gunung Bunder, Bogor. About 800m elevation.

Carita 1text

Location: Carita Beach, Banten. 2-3hrs west of Jakarta.

Boscha 1

Location: Malabar tea plantation, Pangalengan, south of Bandung, about 200km away from Jakarta. Elevation: 1200m.

Cipanunjang 1A text

Location: Cipanunjang dam, about 10km away from Cileunca lake, Pangalengan, south of Bandung. Elevation: 1000m.

Pancar 13

Location: Gunung Pancar, Sentul, Bogor, about 1hr from Jakarta. Elevation: 400m.

Cileunca 2 BWC text

Location: Situ Cleunca (Cileunca lake), Pangalengan, south of Bandung. Elevation: 1000m.

Note: Deep Purple is an English rock band formed in 1968, one of pioneers in heavy metal & modern hard rock.
Catatan: Deep Purple adalah nama sebuah band beraliran rock dari Inggris di tahun 1968 memelopori musik jenis heavy metal & hard rock modern.

Boscha 4

Deep Purple, 1979 VW Kombi.Location: House of Bosscha, Pangalengan, south of Bandung.

If you are interested to rent this comfortable Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.
Jika Anda berminat menyewa VW Campervan yang nyaman ini, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210.


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