Mango: our 4th VW Campervan

Mango is the nickname of our 4th VW campervan. Why Mango? Simply because of the orange color. Mango is also one of our family favorite fruits. This campervan is a replica of VW Type 2 T1 Splitbus, built from VW Type 2 T2 Brazilian bus. The campervan interior is different than Deep Purple.
It has wall-to-wall rock-n-roll seat so it is wider; can accommodate up to three adults seating comfortably, or four if you really want it. In sleeping position, it accommodates three adults, or two adults and two children.
The kitchen cabinet is located at front, behind the front row, not on the right hand side.

It has standard Jakarta VW Campervan facilities; such as two portable gas stoves, a 220V refrigerator and sink. The customized roof rack can accommodate a roof tent, which additionally can add three more adults for sleeping.

The side swing doors are in open position.
On the left: spice rack (where you can store all kitchen recipes seasonings & bottles).
On the right: foldable small table for miscellaneous.
The rock-n-roll seat in seating position.
The rock-n-roll seat in sleeping position.
The wall-to-wall wide bed. Comfortably for three adults, or two adults + two children.
The flat bed viewed from front side. The black thing on the left is an electrical water tap for the sink.
The campervan cabinets consist of a 220V refrigerator, two portable gas stoves, a sink with clean running water, 2-shelves storage cabinets, 220V AC outlet and 12V DC outlet.

The Mango campervan videos are also available in Youtube. Please click below links directly to see them:
The bed.

If you are interested to rent this classic-look VW Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.


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