VW Beetle Camping

Two weeks ago, during the fasting month of Ramadhan, my friend & I went for a camping at Ciapus area, Bogor, about 65km away from Jakarta. This time, we drove our Volkswagen 1303 Super Beetle. I was by myself  & my friend brought his 3.5yo daughter & 6.5yo all-black German Shepherd.

The road is pretty much in good condition, though we had to pass some bad traffic areas & several hundreds meter of bad road. The camping ground elevation is about 400m, so not that hot neither that cold, by the foot of Salak mountain in the middle of pine forest. Good thing is, the cell phone signal is acceptable, so you are still connected to the world…

Other good thing is, due to fasting month, there was only us in the camping ground; 3 humans & 1 dog. Felt like our own personal camping ground. We were also allowed to drive our cars & parked them inside the camping ground. On normal days, the cars are parked outside the camping ground.

The toilets (squat type) & bathrooms are available with clean running water, spring water. The toilet is lit at night. Also, places for wudhu or washing your dishes are located in the same area, about 50m away from our tents.

Actually some shops are available there but all of them were closed during Ramadhan. When they are open, instant noodles, snacks & hot-cold drinks are available. Rice & heavy dishes only available upon request.

There is a pool on the nearby river where we can swim safely. The spring water is clean, clear & fresh. The size is about 10m x 10m. The deepest part is 150cm with rocks on the pool floor. The location is about 100m from our tents.

The name of the place is purposely not written here to maintain the ‘privacy’. Please contact us directly if you are interested to visit it.

Here are some photographs with some famous camping quotes:

Ciputri 10 textCiputri 11 Av text

Ciputri 6

The view from my weekend motel.

Ciputri 13 textCiputri 17 text

Ciputri 14 text

Ciputri 8

Our security – all black German Shepherd

Ciputri 4 textCiputri 5 text

Ciputri 2 text

Ciputri 15 Av

If you are interested to rent this classic Volkswagen 1303 Super Beetle for any events, please call us at +62 813 1031 4210.



The VW Beetle: by the numbers

The VW Beetle: by the numbers.
VW Beetle: menurut angka-angka

On July 31, 2003, Volkswagen Beetle was officially discontinued. I’m left with mixed emotions. I’m saddened because a piece of our hobby is officially no more & worried about the future of spare parts supply, but on the other hand, the VW Beetle can now truly become a part of history. Most of us were not alive when VW started building them, but we can all be happy to say we were here when they stopped.
Pada tanggal 31 Juli 2003, Volkswagen Beetle secara resmi dihentikan produksinya. Sebagai seorang pecinta VW, perasaan saya bercampur aduk. Sedih karena salah satu hobby secara resmi diberhentikan & kuatir suku cadang akan hilang di masa depan. Tetapi di sisi lain, VW Beetle sudah tegas menjadi bagian dari sejarah. Hampir semua di antara kita belum lahir pada waktu VW mulai membuatnya, tetapi bolehlah kita semua senang karena kita hadir pada waktu mereka menghentikannya.

Kodok Tamara 2S

Introducing to you our Picnic Beetle; 1974 1303 Super Beetle – Perkenalkan VW Kodok kepunyaan kami yang diberi nama Picnic Beetle, sebuah 1303 Super Beetle buatan tahun 1974…

After 58 years, Volkswagen & its factories around the world turned out 21,529,464 examples of the People’s Car. Thought it isn’t the most produced car in history anymore, VW still holds the tile (Rabbit / Golf is hit more than 25 million mark).
Selama 58 tahun, dari berbagai pabrik Volkswagen di seluruh dunia telah memproduksi 21,529,464 buah VW Beetle. Angka ini sempat bertengger di puncak rekor, sebelum dikalahkan oleh produk VW lainnya, Golf (di Amerika disebutnya Rabbit) yang sudah mencapai lebih dari 25 juta unit.

Tamara 1S

This is one classic view of a VW Beetle; in the middle of an open grass field – Salah satu foto klasik VW Beetle yaitu di tengah lapangan rumput terbuka…

A near impossibility is to picture 21,529,464 VWs. Go out to your garage or driveway, look at your beetle & picture that one car 21,529,463 more times down your street. I’ll bet you can’t, because for starters, you can’t physically see that far. If you line up end to end all Beetles ever made, your street would be a traffic jam 86,280km long – a quarter of the way to the moon – & stacking them one on top of the other, it would form a pile of Beetles 32,130km high. On the average, one Beetle came off the production line one every 85 seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 58 years. That’s 18,300,044 tons of Beetles, more than 345 HMS Titanics, three Empire State Buildings or the combined average weight of every person in America in 2003.
Hampir mustahil melihat langsung VW Beetle sebanyak 21,529,464 buah. Pergilah keluar, lihat mobil VW Beetle Anda parkir di depan rumah & coba bayangkan ada 21,529,463 mobil sejenis lagi yang parkir di belakangnya. Bisa? Saya pikir tak akan bisa, karena keterbatasan penglihatan kita tak dapat melihat sejauh itu. Jika semua VW Beetle yang sudah pernah dibuat berbaris di jalanan, maka kemacetan dahsyat sepanjang 86,280km akan terjadi – jarak ini sama dengan ¼ jarak bumi ke bulan – & jika ditumpukan satu per satu, maka tumpukannya akan mencapai 32,130km tingginya. Kalau dirata-ratakan, sebuah VW Beetle dibuat dalam waktu hanya 85 detik, non-stop selama 24 jam sehari & 7 hari seminggu selama 58 tahun. Total beratnya mencapai 18,300,044 ton, setara dengan lebih dari berat 345 buah kapal HMS Titanic, atau tiga gedung Empire State Building atau total berat rata-rata semua penduduk Amerika di tahun 2003.

Tamara 2s

“…Spread your little wings & fly away…” Queen, Spread Your Wings, 1977

The numbers are staggering, especially considering the massive amount of minute parts that go along with them. If there’s 21,529,464 Beetles , that means that they were equipped with 301,412,496 light bulbs, 17,397km of fan belts & 107,647,320 tires (five each). Standing one next to another, the tires would stretch from Los Angeles to Calcutta India, 13,590km away, which is twice the length of the Nile River in Africa. There are 688,942,848 fender bolts, three for every person in this country; 86,117,856 pistons, enough to make a pile of pistons 1.6km high, 1.6km wide & 1.6km thick; & 109,117,856 lug nuts, one for every baby born in the world in 2003. If we put these lug nuts end to end, it would be a chain 3,128km long & weight 10,229 tons, more than the Queen Mary.
Angka-angka ini bertambah dahsyat untuk berbagai komponen kendaraan yang dipakai. Untuk jumlah 21,529,464 unit VW Beetle, maka ada 301,412,496 buah bohlam lampu, tali kipas sepanjang 17,397km & ban berjumlah 107,647,320 (masing-masing 5 ban di satu unit). Jika ban-ban ini diberdirikan berjejer, maka panjang barisannya akan menyambungkan kota Los Angeles di Amerika sampai ke kota Kalkuta di India sepanjang 13,590km, yang juga dua kali lipat panjang Sungai Nil di Afrika. Komponen lainnya; ada 688,942,848 buah baut bemper, setiap orang di Amerika akan mendapat masing-masing 3 buah baut ini; 86,117,856 buah piston, cukup untuk membuat tumpukan piston setinggi 1.6km, lebar 1.6km & tebal 1.6km; & 109,117,856 buah mur lug, satu untuk setiap bayi yang lahir di dunia di tahun 2003. Jika mur lug ini dijejerkan, maka panjangnya akan mencapai 3,128km dengan berat 10,229 tons, lebih berat daripada kapal Queen Mary.

Tamara 6SA

Ready to take the whole family for a picnic – Siap untuk membawa Anda piknik sekeluarga…

If all of the Beetles’ back seats were stacked up on top of each other it would be a tower 4,349km high, & if we tiled them out they would completely cover 111-square km Nantucket Island. If we filled up the tanks of all the Beetles, it would drain half of the Lake Ontario, & if we bottled all the oil used in all the Beetles it would fill 40 million wine bottles, nearly twice the oil that was spilled by the Exxon Valdez in 1989. Enough headliner material has been used by VW to cover Manhattan Island almost twice, & line up all the valves side by side & it would stretch from New York across the Atlantic to Paris. If you laid out the VW logo hood ornaments from all the Beetles it would cover 11,515-square meter, enough to completely blanket two football fields, & if you lined them up, it would stretch from Montana to the North Pole.
Jika semua kursi belakang VW Beetle ditumpukan satu per satu, maka tingginya akan mencapai 4,349km & jika didudukan berdempetan, maka luasnya akan mencapai 111 km persegi seluas Pulau Nantucket. Jika semua tangki bensin VW Beetle diisi, maka volumenya sama dengan setengah isi Danau Ontario. Kalau oli mesinnya ditampung di botol, maka akan diperlukan botol wine sebanyak 40juta buah, jumlah oli ini yang sama dengan hampir dua kali lipat volume minyak mentah yang ditumpahkan oleh kapal tanker Exxon Valdez di tahun 1989. Material plafonnya yang dipakai akan cukup untuk membungkus Pulau Manhattan dua kali. Jika semua katup mesin dijejerkan, maka panjangnya akan menyambungkan kota New York di Amerika menyeberang samudera Atlantik sampai ke kota Paris di Perancis. Jika semua logo VW (yang terletak di atas kap bagasi depan) dipasangkan berdampingan, maka luasnya akan mencapai 11,515 meter persegi, yaitu seluas dua lapangan sepak bola. Jika logo ini didirikan bersebelahan, maka panjangnya akan mencapai jarak dari negara bagian Montana sampai Kutub Utara.


Nearby ITB, Bandung – Di dekat kampus ITB yang asri, Bandung…

The average fuel capacity of all the Beetles total 855,838,562 liters, which is enough fuel to keep 100 Boeing 747s flying non-stop for nearly five years (provided they used regular gas). Though the cargo volume changed periodically through the course of production, they all add up to roughly 6.1 cubic km worth of space, which is equal to the amount of mountain blown off by the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980 (roughly 433m of the summit).
Jika dijumlahkan, maka kapasitas volume tangki bensin Beetle total mencapai 855,838,562 liter. Jumlah ini cukup untuk menggerakkan 100 buah pesawat Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet terbang selama lima tahun non-stop (kalau misalnya bahan bakarnya menggunakan bensin). Jika volume bagasi dijumlahkan, maka totalnya akan mencapai 6.1 km kubik, yaitu volume dari material gunung yang dilontarkan pada waktu gunung berapi St. Helens meletus di tahun 1980.


In ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Bandung – Gedung di belakang adalah ciri khas Kampus ITB, Bandung…

The most important figures that come out of all of this is that 21,529,464 people around the world bought, drove & enjoyed a brand new Volkswagen Beetle from a dealership sometime in their lives. This event, this source of pride for 21,529,464 people, happened daily for 58 years & after July 31, 2003, will never happen again.
Angka-angka yang paling penting sebetulnya adalah ada 21,529,464 orang yang telah membeli, mengemudikan & menikmati sebuah VW Beetle baru dari show room di salah satu masa hidupnya. Kebahagiaan & kebanggaan ini dimiliki oleh 21,529,464 orang, setiap hari selama 58 tahun & berakhir di tanggal 31 Juli 2003.

Telo 1S

This photo is the winner of the photo contest, conducted by VICC (Volkswagen Indonesian Cyber Community), March 2014 – Foto anak kami & Picnic Beetle ini pemenang lomba foto yang diadakan oleh VICC, di bulan Maret 2014…

Then again, maybe 10 years after they bought them, 90% of those 21,529,464 people sold their VW to 19,376,517 more people, & 10 years after that, 90% of those people may have sold their VW to 17,438,865 more people… & the cycle has continued & will continue possibly for endless generations.
Mungkin, 10 tahun kemudian setelah para konsumen ini membeli VW Beetle, 90% dari 21,529,464 orang telah menjualnya kepada 19,376,517 orang lain yang berbeda. Lalu 10 tahun berikutnya lagi, 90% orang tersebut telah menjualnya kembali kepada 17,438,865 orang yang berbeda … & siklus ini terus berlanjut & berlanjut sampai kepada generasi yang tak berujung.


In the housing complex after returning from a Car Free Day – Di jalan masuk utama komplek setelah ikutan Car Free Day…

Keep your VW Beetle alive, they’re not making anymore of them, you know.
Peliharalah VW Beetle mu baik-baik. Mobil ini sudah tidak dibuat lagi.

Cibubur 2SA

A photo session in Cibubur – Sesi foto di Cibubur…

Cibubur 4SATEXT

Another photo in Cibubur – Salah satu foto lain di Cibubur…

Cibubur 6TEXTS

The quote speaks itself – Kata-kata bijaksana…

The Volkswagen Type 1 automobile, also known as the Volkswagen Beetle or Bug, is known colloquially by various names in different countries, usually local renderings of the word “beetle”. Among these are:
Mobil Volkswagen Type 1 juga dikenal dengan nama VW Beetle or Bug, mempunyai nama sebutan yang berbeda-beda di berbagai negara, yang umumnya menunjukan ke serangga jenis “kumbang”. Nama-nama tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Beetle in the UK
  • Bug in the US
  • Käfer (beetle) in Germany, Austria and Alemannic Switzerland
  • Kever in Dutch-speaking Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Pichirilo in Ecuador
  • Pulga (flea), Escarabajo (beetle) in Colombia
  • ඉබ්බා (tortoise) in Sri Lanka
  • Vocho, Vochito or Volcho (navel) in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia
  • Fusca in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (from “fauvê”, “VW” in German pronunciation), Fusquinha (little VW) in Brazil, Fusquita (little VW) in Uruguay
  • Escarabajo (beetle) in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Venezuela
  • Peta (turtle) in Bolivia
  • Folcika or Buba (bug) in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Косτенурка (“Kostenurka”, turtle), Бръмбар (“Brambar”, beetle) in Bulgaria
  • Bug, Beetle in Australia, English Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the USA
  • Escarabat (beetle) in Catalan
  • Poncho in Chile
  • 甲壳虫 (“Jiǎ Ké Chóng”, beetle) in China
  • Buba in Croatia
  • Brouk in Czech Republic
  • Boblen (The bubble), Bobbelfolkevogn (bubble Volkswagen), Asfaltboblen (The asphalt bubble), Billen (The Beetle) gravid rulleskøjte (pregnant rollerskate) or Hitlerslæden (Hitler-sled) in Denmark
  • Cepillo (brush or ice shaver) in Dominican Republic
  • خنفسة (“khon-fesa”, beetle) in Egypt
  • Fakrouna (tortoise) in Libya
  • Põrnikas (beetle) in Estonia
  • Kupla (bubble), Kuplavolkkari (bubble Volkswagen), Aatun kosto (Adi’s revenge) in Finland
  • Coccinelle (ladybug) in France, French-speaking Belgium, Algeria, Quebec and Haiti
  • Choupette (Herbie’s name in the French version of the movie) in French Canada
  • Буба (beetle) in the Republic of Macedonia
  • 金龜車 (“Jin-guei che”) in Taiwan
  • Σκαθάρι (“Skathari”, beetle), Σκαραβαίος (“Skaraveos”, scarab), Χελώνα (“Chelona”, turtle) in Greece
  • Cucaracha or Cucarachita (cockroach, little cockroach) in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras
  • Bogár (bug) in Hungary
  • Bjalla (bell) in Iceland
  • Kodok (frog) in Indonesia
  • Ghoorbaghei (قورباغه ای) (frog) in Persian Iran
  • Agroga عكروكة (little frog), Rag-gah ركـّة (little turtle) in Iraq
  • חיפושית (“Hipushit”, beetle) or Bimba in Israel
  • Maggiolino (maybug, cockchafer), Maggiolone (big beetle) in Italy
  • カブトムシ (“Kabuto-mushi”) (drone beetle) in Japan
  • Kifuu in Kenya
  • Vabole in Latvia
  • Vabalas in Lithuania
  • Kura (turtle), Kodok (frog) in Malaysia
  • Sedán (sedan car), Pulguita (little flea), Vocho/Vochito or Bocho/Bochito (little Volkswagen) in Mexico and across Latin America
  • Kashima in Namibia
  • Bhyagute car (frog car) in Nepal
  • Boble (bubble) in Norway
  • Foxi or Foxy in Pakistan
  • Pendong, Kotseng kuba (hunchback car), Pagong, Ba-o, (turtle), Boks (tin can), sometimes Beetle in the Philippines
  • Garbus (hunchback) in Poland
  • Carocha (beetle) in Portugal
  • Volky in Puerto Rico
  • Broasca, Broscuţă (little frog), Buburuza (ladybird) in Romania
  • Фольксваген-жук (“Folksvagen-zhuk”, Volkswagen bug) in Ukraine
  • Жук (“Zhuk”, beetle) in Russia
  • Буба (“Buba”, bug) in Serbia
  • Volla or Volksie (little Volkswagen), Kewer (beetle) in South Africa
  • Chrobák (beetle) in Slovakia
  • Hrošč (beetle) in Slovenia
  • Volks, Beetle or Ibba (turtle) in Sri Lanka
  • Mgongo wa Chura (frog’s back), Mwendo wa Kobe (tortoise speed) in Swahili
  • Folka (Volkswagen), Bagge (short for Skalbagge, beetle), Bubbla (bubble) in Sweden and Swedish-speaking Finland
  • Kobe in Tanzania
  • รถเต่า (“Rod Tao”, turtle car), โฟล์คเต่า (“Volk Tao”, Volkswagen car) in Thai
  • Kaplumbağa (turtle), Tosbağa (tortoise), Vosvos, Beetle in Turkey
  • Con Bọ in Vietnam
  • Bhamba datya (“Datya”, frog) in Zimbabwe
  • Tortuga (tortoise) in Panama
  • Escarabajo (beetle), Bocho (little Volkswagen), Rana (frog) in Perú
  • Цох in Mongolia
  • “فولوکس” (Foloks), in Afghanistan
Kota Tua Beetle 4SBWC

Another photo session in Kota Tua (Old Town), Jakarta – Sesi foto di kawasan Kota Tua, Jakarta…

Kodok 1S

The Beetle is popular of its roof rack loaded with vintage properties – VW Kodok populer dengan rak bagasi di atapnya yang dimuati oleh barang-barang lawas…

Kodok 3SBWC

The Picnic Beetle…

If you are interested to rent this gorgeous Picnic Beetle, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.
Jika Anda berminat menyewa Picnic Beetle yang cantik ini, mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210 untuk membicarakannya.