Welcome to Jakarta VW Campervan – Selamat datang di Jakarta VW Campervan


Welcome to Jakarta VW Campervan, the first Volkswagen classic campervan rental company in Indonesia.
Selamat datang di Jakarta VW Campervan, tempat penyewaan (rental) mobil Volkswagen Campervan klasik pertama di Indonesia.

BlackX 12BWC

VW Campervan is the most famous campervan in the world. They pioneered the campervan world as we know it today back in the 1950’s. The combination of a compact van equipped with all the basics of your home was & still is the most practical combination to explore the world far beyond the imaginary fence of your home. The words freedomadventure are what to describe these vans.  And now, they are here in Indonesia & available for rental, for yourself or with your family, friends & loved ones, for a weekend camping or simply a day trip picnic outside the town.
VW Campervan adalah kendaraan campervan yang paling terkenal sedunia. VW memelopori jenis kendaraan yang sekarang disebut campervan ini di tahun 1950-an. Kendaraan jenis ini sangat populer karena Anda dapat membawa rumah secara praktis untuk dibawa jalan-jalan keluar. Bebas menjelajah adalah dua kata yang sangat jelas mendefinisikannya. Sekarang, campervan ini telah hadir di Indonesia & tersedia untuk disewa untuk Anda sendiri, atau untuk mengajak sekeluarga camping di akhir pekan atau piknik keluar kota, bersama teman atau siapa saja yang Anda cintai.

Gn Pancar 5

Jakarta VW Campervan is a family-run business. Sitting proudly in the driver’s seat is Doddy, the owner, a Volkswagen enthusiast & a classic rock lover. We pride ourselves on our hire vans being of the best quality, providing comfort, reliability & that all important classic style.
Jakarta VW Campervan adalah usaha keluarga yang disupiri oleh Doddy, sang pemilik, seorang penggemar VW & juga seorang pecinta musik rock klasik. Kami merasa bangga bahwa semua kendaraan kami berkualitas tinggi, nyaman, handal & bercita rasa klasik.

Tosca 1

1965 VW Splitbus, standard interior

BlackX 8

Deep Purple – 1979 Volkswagen Kombi, campervan interior

Mango: 1981 replika campervan

1974 1303 Super Beetle

We’re based in south of Jakarta, within easy reach from Pasar Minggu exit of JORR toll road & is only 10 minutes walk from Tanjung Barat train station. To reach us, please call at +62 813 1031 4210, or email us at vwcampervan.jakarta@yahoo.co.id. We recommend you to read the FAQs, as well.
Kami berlokasi di Jakarta Selatan, dekat pintu keluar Pasar Minggu di jalan tol JORR & hanya berjarak 10 menit jalan kaki dari stasiun Commuter Line Tanjung Barat. Untuk menghubungi kami, silahkan telepon di nomor +62 813 1031 4210 atau lewat imel vwcampervan.jakarta@yahoo.co.id. Kami juga menyarankan Anda untuk membaca FAQ terlebih dahulu untuk mendapatkan banyak informasi lainnya..

BlackX 13

Rental Prices – Tarif Sewa

The rental prices is available here.
Tarif sewa dapat dilihat disini.

Please call +62 813 1031 4210 for booking.
Mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210 untuk pemesanan.

Warm regards – Salam hangat,

Jakarta VW Campervan


Group camping with CVI (Camper Van Indonesia) Jakarta Raya

At present, there is a fast growing campervan community, which is so called CVI (Camper Van Indonesia). The members, based on their fb page, are around 91 thousands. That is a lot.

The logo of CVI (Camper Van Indonesia) community.

To manage that huge numbers of members and geographically spread around the country, the community is then divided into smaller groups based on geography where they live. One of the largest ones is CVI 013 Jakarta Raya (greater Jakarta). 013 is the group number, which is a lucky number.

The logo of CVI Jakarta Raya.

CVI Jakarta Raya held a group camping on 26-28 August 2022, at Sari Ater Campervan Park, Subang, West Java. This is located about 150km from Jakarta and the elevation is around 1000m above sea level.

Crowded Sari Ater campervan park.

Jakarta VW Campervan’s Deep Purple joined the group camping.
Completed with camping flags as a tradition.
Electricity is available so the camping ground was bright and full of camping lights at night.
That hill is called Gunung Palasari, 1250m asl, and trekking route is available.
The group camping was attended by almost 50 cars from CVI Jakray. So it was crowded.
The big banner says Camping Merdeka, meaning: Independence Camping, in commemorate the independence day of Indonesia (every 17 August).
On the 3rd day, before returning to Jakarta.
Sari Ater campervan park is probably the most popular and most visited campervan ground in the country. It is advisable to make a reservation before you visit, just to ensure you will get a spot for your car / campervan, especially during the weekend or holidays. Please call: +62 81387355525.

Mango: our 4th VW Campervan

Mango is the nickname of our 4th VW campervan. Why Mango? Simply because of the orange color. Mango is also one of our family favorite fruits. This campervan is a replica of VW Type 2 T1 Splitbus, built from VW Type 2 T2 Brazilian bus. The campervan interior is different than Deep Purple.
It has wall-to-wall rock-n-roll seat so it is wider; can accommodate up to three adults seating comfortably, or four if you really want it. In sleeping position, it accommodates three adults, or two adults and two children.
The kitchen cabinet is located at front, behind the front row, not on the right hand side.

It has standard Jakarta VW Campervan facilities; such as two portable gas stoves, a 220V refrigerator and sink. The customized roof rack can accommodate a roof tent, which additionally can add three more adults for sleeping.

The side swing doors are in open position.
On the left: spice rack (where you can store all kitchen recipes seasonings & bottles).
On the right: foldable small table for miscellaneous.
The rock-n-roll seat in seating position.
The rock-n-roll seat in sleeping position.
The wall-to-wall wide bed. Comfortably for three adults, or two adults + two children.
The flat bed viewed from front side. The black thing on the left is an electrical water tap for the sink.
The campervan cabinets consist of a 220V refrigerator, two portable gas stoves, a sink with clean running water, 2-shelves storage cabinets, 220V AC outlet and 12V DC outlet.

The Mango campervan videos are also available in Youtube. Please click below links directly to see them:
The bed.

If you are interested to rent this classic-look VW Campervan, please call +62 813 1031 4210 for inquiry.

Rental Prices – Tarif Sewa 2021

Please call +62 813 1031 4210 for more information and booking.
Mohon telepon kami di nomor +62 813 1031 4210 untuk info dan pemesanan. 

VW Campervan: Deep Purple (1979 Kombi) and Mango (1981 Splitbus replica)

Deep Purple: VW Kombi 1979, campervan interior.
Mango: VW Splitbus replica, campervan interior.
  • Daily Rate – Harga Harian: IDR2,250,000.00.
  • Less than10hrs – Kurang dari 10jam: discount (diskon) IDR500,000.00.
  • 2-days Rate – Harga 2-hari: IDR3,600,000.00.
  • 3-days Rate – Harga 3-hari: IDR5,100,000.00.
  • More than 3-days, please call – Untuk lebih dari 3-hari, mohon kontak kami.
  • Driver – Supir: IDR300,000.00 / day. (Driver is a must because the cars are not covered by insurance – Wajib menggunakan Supir dari kami karena kendaraan tidak ditanggung asuransi).
  • Under Customer’s responsibility: fuel (Premium petrol), toll tickets, parking tickets, entrance tickets, meals for Driver if overnight, etc. – Tanggung jawab Penyewa: BBM (bensin Premium), tiket tol, tiket parkir, tiket masuk, makan untuk Supir jika menginap, dsb.

Green tosca (VW Dakota 1965)

Tosca 1
  • Daily Rate – Harga Harian: IDR2,750,000.00.
  • Less than10hrs – Kurang dari 10jam: discount (diskon) IDR500,000.00.
  • 2-days Rate – Harga 2-hari: IDR4,400,000.00.
  • 3-days Rate – Harga 3-hari: IDR6,200,000.00.
  • More than 3-days, please call – Untuk lebih dari 3-hari, mohon kontak kami.
  • Driver – Supir: IDR300,000.00 / day (Driver is a must because the cars are not covered by insurance – Wajib menggunakan Supir dari kami karena kendaraan tidak ditanggung asuransi).
  • Under Customer’s responsibility: fuel (Premium petrol), toll tickets, parking tickets, entrance tickets, meals for Driver if overnight, etc. – Tanggung jawab Penyewa: BBM (bensin Premium), tiket tol, tiket parkir, tiket masuk, makan untuk Supir jika menginap, dsb.

1303 Super Beetle 1974

  • Daily Rate – Harga Harian: Please call or WA / mohon telepon atau WA

For one off rental, e.g. wedding, pre-wedding photo session, promotional events, commercial advertisement, birthday celebration, anniversary, etc., please telephone to discuss.
Untuk penyewaan khusus, seperti acara perkawinan, foto pre-wedding, acara promosi, iklan komersil, pesta ulang tahun, ulang tahun perkawinan, dsb., silahkan telepon kami untuk membicarakannya.

VW Super Beetle Duo at Bukit Citamiang Camping Ground

This is a late post, but late is better than never; the wise man said. It was in September 2020 and after several months of “staying at home” due to the pandemic, we decided to go out for a quick camping for refreshing. The family did not join purposely, only two of us, accompanied by a German Shepherd.

The camping ground is so called Bukit Citamiang (i.e. Citamiang Hill), only around 60km away from South of Jakarta, towards Puncak. It is written as Citamiang Camping Ground in Google Map. Take the main road to Puncak and take a left turn in the Mega Mendung junction. It is only 6km away from the junction through a small road which it will be more winding and ascending as it goes deeper and higher. If it is your first time, then please follow the Google map direction closely. The tricky one is the last junction and followed by steep uphill road before entering the camping ground area. Generally the road is good for 2wd regular cars. Special precautions should be taken when you drive relatively a wide and large vehicle due to some sharp corners and narrow road.

The two VW Super Beetles have just arrived on site after 1.5hrs driving from Jakarta.
Setting up a roof tent is quick and easy, relatively is faster than the conventional dome tent.
One of the best things about Bukit Citamiang is the spectacular view at night.
Setting a bonfire after dark is a must on site. The wood is provided locally with reasonable price.
When you like photography, you can do many things after dark or during the twilight hour. Just don’t forget to bring your tripod and flash light along with the camera.
Here is another sample a night photograph using long exposure setting. BTW, 19 centigrade is nice; wearing short is still convenient and not too cold…
They said that Bukit Citamiang is one of a very few places where you can view all three mountains in one spot. Here you can see Mount Pangrango (3,019m ASL) and Volcano Gede (2,958m ASL) right next to it to the left (in this picture, it is covered by some clouds). BTW, the elevation of Bukit Citamiang is around 1000m Above Sea Level.
Here is the view of Mount Salak (2,211m ASL). In the morning you have to be quick to shoot them using your camera, otherwise you will miss them as they will be covered by stubborn clouds already.
This is Nelsie, a 9 year old female all-black German Shepherd. You know her already as we have taken her along to camping several times already.

That is a photography-story about Bukit Citamiang camping ground. It is unfortunately to hear that this camping ground is now temporarily closed. The good news is there is another camping ground just next to it, called Bukit Brader camping ground. The PIC is the same; Kang Dillah, WA +62 878 9570 0127. Please make sure you call him first before visiting the place.

This is 1974 VW 1303 Super Beetle, equipped with a custom made roof rack to accommodate the heavy roof tent.

If you are interested to rent this classic Volkswagen Beetle for any events, please call us at +62 813 1031 4210.

Duo Kombi Camping at Gunung Pancar

I can’t remember exactly how many times I have done camping at Gunung Pancar. A friend of mine just bought a standard 1977 VW Kombi & wanted me to accompany him camping with his children (& his dog). So here we are, in June 2019, did another camping there.

Gn Pancar 23

Left – right: Lala, Calvin, Nelsie (8yo female all-black German Shepherd), Patar, myself & the two male Beagles (Mero & Matano)…

Gn Pancar 5

Campervan camping at Gunung Pancar…

Gn Pancar 2

This camping spot, ‘Lembah Pakis’ is the one that we like the most at Gunung Pancar camping ground. The field is flat, not too big. The toilet & musholla is very near by.

Gn Pancar 18

In the clear evening, we walked out the dogs & the children…

Gn Pancar 9

The cooking & dining gears…

Gn Pancar 20

The two VW Kombi: 1977 & 1979…

Gn Pancar 15

The photo was shot from the top of the other Kombi & showing the roof tent more clearly…

Gn Pancar 13

Deep Purple campervan

Gunung Pancar is the closest camping ground from Jakarta, about 1-1.5hrs driving, at Sentul area, Bogor. They open 7 days a week. Please visit the website to get more information.


Camping at Tahura Bandung

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda (lt. Grand Forest Park of (engineer) H. Juanda) is a conservation area and botanical garden in Bandung, Indonesia. It covers 590 hectares, stretching from Dago Pakar to Maribaya.

Its altitude ranges between 770 and 1330 meters above sea level. Its fertile soil sustains about 2500 types of plants, consisting of 40 familia and 112 species.

The park was built by the Dutch colonial estimated in 1906, when they began digging a water tunnel for a hydro dam. The water plan was cancelled later, the tunnel was enlarged adding more rooms & became a military facility. Today the tunnel is so called Goa Belanda (Dutch Cave) & is one of the main attractions at Tahura park. The original tunnel is 144m long, 3.2m high & less than 2m wide in both entrances. However the total length now is about 550m including all alleys inside.

On July 2019, for the very first time, the park authority issued a permission to our group to camp just in front of the tunnel. It was possible because we also conducted the Jungle Night Trekking for the first time, as well. It was a quiet experience walking for about 3km inside the dark park, including exploring the Goa Jepang (Japanese Cave) at night time.

A good condition 800m long black top road is available from the entrance to the Goa Belanda. We drove in our campervan to access the camping ground.

Here are some photos:

Tahura 13

The direction sign near the main entrance…

Tahura 10

The Campervan & camping ground is located right next to the Goa Belanda…

Tahura 3

The tiled camping ground…

Tahura 6

Since it is located inside a protected forest, bonfire is prohibited. However toilets & musholla are available, including food stalls…

Tahura 2

The view from the roof tent facing the forest of Cikapundung river valley…

Tahura 8

The Tahura was quiet by Sunday morning…

Tahura 9

The campervan can accommodate up to four adults: two inside the car & two in the roof tent…

Tahura 14

Jungle Night Trekking: inside the Goa Jepang…

To camp just next to Goa Belanda using the Campervan & the Jungle Night Trekking are very interesting experiences. Please contact the Tahura Juanda management if you are interested to do the same.


Queen Beetle

Legendary rock band Queen has been inspiring millions since their London formation in 1970. With the charismatic, musical genius front man born Farrokh Bulsara — aka Freddie Mercury — (Lead vocals, piano), Brian May (Vocals, Guitar), John Deacon (Vocals, Bass) and Drummer Roger Taylor (Vocals, Drums).

Queen has represented musical vision and freedom through their pioneering and creative approaches to composition and poetic, on-point song lyrics. The band continues to earn new fans of all ages and backgrounds 48 years after their initial formation.

It has been a Bohemian Rhapsody fever here in this country. As a fans of Queen myself, since 1982, I’m posting these photos of our 1963 VW Beetle accompanied by quotes taken from Queen’s songs, lyrics or a comment.

Kobel 1Av.png

I’m in Love with My Car
(Writer & vocal: Roger Taylor, album: A Night at the Opera, 1975)


Kobel 2 A

Is this the real life? Or this is just fantasy?
(The first lyrics from song Bohemian Rhapsody, album: A Night at the Opera, 1975).

Kobel Jkt 1.jpg

“Can anybody find me somebody to love?…”
(A lyrics from song Somebody to Love, album A Day at the Races, 1976).

Kobel 4A

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(Album: The Game, 1980).

Kobel Jkt 13.jpg

Loneliness is my hiding place. Breast feeding myself…
(A lyrics from song Life is Real (Song for Lennon), album: Hot Space, 1982, written by Freddie as dedication to John Lennon’s death).

Kobel 3A.JPG

Fat Bottomed Girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round…
(A lyrics from song Fat Bottomed Girls, album Jazz, 1978).

Kobel Jkt 4.jpg

“Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time…”
(A lyrics from song Don’t Stop Me Now, album Jazz, 1978).

Kobel 10.JPG

‘She’s a Killer Queen. Gunpowder, gelatin, Dynamite with a laser beam.
Guaranteed to blow your mind…”
(A lyrics from song Killer Queen, album Sheer Heart Attack, 1974).

Kobel Jkt 5.jpg

“Boredom is the biggest disease in the world, darling…”
Freddie Mercury

Kobel 6.JPG

Another one bites the dust
(Album: The Game, 1980).


Kobel Jkt 15.jpg

He is the Hitman, the great pretender, Mr. Bad Guy, just a poor boy, the invisible man.
He’s Freddie Mercury.

Kobel 9.JPG

“Las palabras de amor. Let me hear the words of love…”
(A lyrics from song Las Palabras de Amor, album Hot Space, 1982).

Kobel Jkt 29.jpg

“God knows I want to break free…”
(A lyrics from song I Want to Break Free, album The Works, 1984).

Kobel 13.JPG

“Queen songs are not about the life of a rock star – they tend to be about the lives of normal people, which is why I think the songs connect so much with every generation…”
Brian May

Kobel Jkt 26.jpg

Who wants to live forever
(Album: A Kind of Magic, 1986).

Kobel 14.JPG

“Spread your little wings and fly away..”
(A lyrics from song Spread Your Wings, album News of the World, 1977).

Kobel Jkt 25.jpg

“I used to take a nap in a van & listen to Queen.
Over & over again, & drained the battery in the van.
Than we’d be stuck. That happened a few times.
We’d be stuck with a dead battery because I’d listened to Queen too much…”
Kurt Cobain

Kobel 8BWC.png

If you are interested to rent this classic Volkswagen Beetle for any events, please call us at +62 813 1031 4210.



VW Beetle Camping

Two weeks ago, during the fasting month of Ramadhan, my friend & I went for a camping at Ciapus area, Bogor, about 65km away from Jakarta. This time, we drove our Volkswagen 1303 Super Beetle. I was by myself  & my friend brought his 3.5yo daughter & 6.5yo all-black German Shepherd.

The road is pretty much in good condition, though we had to pass some bad traffic areas & several hundreds meter of bad road. The camping ground elevation is about 400m, so not that hot neither that cold, by the foot of Salak mountain in the middle of pine forest. Good thing is, the cell phone signal is acceptable, so you are still connected to the world…

Other good thing is, due to fasting month, there was only us in the camping ground; 3 humans & 1 dog. Felt like our own personal camping ground. We were also allowed to drive our cars & parked them inside the camping ground. On normal days, the cars are parked outside the camping ground.

The toilets (squat type) & bathrooms are available with clean running water, spring water. The toilet is lit at night. Also, places for wudhu or washing your dishes are located in the same area, about 50m away from our tents.

Actually some shops are available there but all of them were closed during Ramadhan. When they are open, instant noodles, snacks & hot-cold drinks are available. Rice & heavy dishes only available upon request.

There is a pool on the nearby river where we can swim safely. The spring water is clean, clear & fresh. The size is about 10m x 10m. The deepest part is 150cm with rocks on the pool floor. The location is about 100m from our tents.

The name of the place is purposely not written here to maintain the ‘privacy’. Please contact us directly if you are interested to visit it.

Here are some photographs with some famous camping quotes:

Ciputri 10 textCiputri 11 Av text

Ciputri 6

The view from my weekend motel.

Ciputri 13 textCiputri 17 text

Ciputri 14 text

Ciputri 8

Our security – all black German Shepherd

Ciputri 4 textCiputri 5 text

Ciputri 2 text

Ciputri 15 Av

If you are interested to rent this classic Volkswagen 1303 Super Beetle for any events, please call us at +62 813 1031 4210.